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"You can of course take the beaten path, or you can take a different one, as exciting or difficult or creative as you can imagine. All of you have the opportunity to DESIGN YOUR OWN PATH that is limited only by your imagination."

Travelling, which Fabian has done extensively, is less about seeing a new place and more about the experiences and the growth. Having successfully completed a charity campaign while driving across Africa, taken his successful tech startup – Helpando – on a 7 month road-trip, created a web-series about his experiences called Startup Diaries, he has a lot to share with you and/or your audience.

Want to be inspired to explore creativity in your workplace?

Need coaching on how to open yourself up to serendipity?

Want to learn to be more efficient with your workload?

Looking for a workshop on tools to save you hours every week?

Or maybe you areĀ considering becoming a nomad company?

For this and so much more, Fabian can help you take you to the next level.

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