Fabian Dittrich
Fabian Dittrich
Fabian Dittrich
Fabian Dittrich

How open are you to serendipity?

When was the last time you bought a Land Rover and drove your company around South America for 6 months?

Have you ever conducted a choir of 110 school girls in HoHoe, Ghana to raise money for for orphans in Gambia?

Have you given a TedX Talk to high school students in Bogota inspiring them to design their own path in life?

Travel isn’t just about getting on a plane and waking up in a new place. It’s about opening yourself up to possibility, reducing your fear of the unknown and appreciating diversity.
Travel can make you an out-of-the-box thinker. It has benefits that extend across your day-to-day job, such as teaching you how to embrace and look for serendipity, without being esoteric.
Along the way, the road teaches you more than a thing or two. There’s a world to explore, for that, you need time, money and inspiration.

Fabian’s experiences with extensive travel while running a nomad company has provided him with valuable insight, into how to work efficiently while remaining open to the serendipity and the randomness of travel.

And he’d love to share what he’s learned with you.

"The best way to live your life is to choose the experience that will have the greatest anecdotal value."

The Adventurer. The Nomad. The Entrepreneur

The Fabian story in brief; get a job working on Ruby on Rails by sneaking into a private conference, "fake it til you make it", win $10,000 for charity from Ford, drive across Africa raising more money by jamming with locals, contract Malaria which results in getting "the coolest job in the internet world", spend 1.5 years flying around Europe working for a top global startup, found Helpando, buy a Land Rover Defender, start what might be the first Nomad Company, deliver a TedX talk.

And now, he's helping others work more efficiently, opening their lives' to serendipity, and apply a travel mentality to their lives'.

What Fabian Can Do For You

Boundaries are mostly imagined and exist only in people’s heads. Borders are invisible, there is no us and them, we are all the same. Ok, slightly different. But in the end, fear can be easily overcome.

The same fear of the unknown that may apply to travelling deep into unknown parts of Africa or Colombia, applies to you as an entrepreneur or to your work in general. With a specialized approach to help you open up your life, whether through coaching, workshops, speaking engagements, or other, Fabian can help you take the steps to see the world as an opportunity to take chances and to explore without fear.

As well, the primary route to successful exploration is efficiency. Successfully managing a company from the road, while also producing a webseries requires excellent prioritization and time-management. Efficiency is a must. Whether you are a startup on the rise, an entrepreneur or a well established company, Fabian can help you discover efficiencies with the right tools that can help you manage your workload. It’s hard to take advantage of serendipity if you have no time for it!

Otherwise, he is hosting BBQs each Sunday, singing and playing guitar for you, his friends and other very random and interesting people in his Berlin apartment.

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